Updates updates..

So, no I didn’t forget about the blog meantime the last update I made, instead I actually posted one or two updates but I’m not really sure why, they got removed and I didn’t obviously have a backup on them. now I’m just going to cover all I’ve updated so in them and a bit more.

So looking at Solid Kingdom, my newest project (see previous post where I tell more about it), it’s went on pretty well, I DO have it on github, in fact this is it’s github repositery, but I haven’t pushed updates into github for quite a long time actually, I’m very sorry about that, it might look like the project’s frozen but it’s actually running further than almost any of my projects has before. I still don’t have any real gameplay on the actual game (I’m currently working on it), but instead I’ve been working on huge things behind the scenes and I think this game is going to be so good and so much fun to make. I’m now going to try list all the things I’ve done after I stopped using github; I’ve added a layer system (easier to add messages and other things that overlap eachother). I’ve also added some kind of message box system, that’s not in real use yet but will be as soon as I get on the real gameplay. I’ve now recently added an Action/ActionHandler system, this just makes it easier for me to first work on singleplayer side of the game and later implement multiplayer, I’m not going to explain here with all the technical information on how it works, but in a nutshell, when you try to do anything it sends an action to the ActionHandler, whitch decides on what to do with it, after that it either processes the action itself or sends it to server to be processed (depends on if you’re playing multiplayer or singleplayer). I’ve also added tonnes of little things and bigger things too that I can’t quite recall at the moment

Now the reason I’ve kind of stopped using github, is because it really makes my project harder to handle for me. Git is a nice and easy version control, but I can’t use it very well, for example if I rename a file, it does not remove the old file from the repo nor rename it, just adds the renamed file as a new one. If I’m ever going to return to using Github with Solid Kingdom, I’m most likely going to make a full wipe and re-push everything. Now I’m not saying I’m stopping to use github on other projects, it works well in any other way and I’m very pleased with it, I’m just going to have to learn more how to use it and look back on it later.

On the story side of the Solid Kingdom, I haven’t really decided much, I’ve decided that I’m going to make some kind of “personal” wiki for the story and addthe story piece-by-piece there, not writing books or anything, but instead just listing out events, characters etc. from the story.

As some of you may have also noticed I always publish my working under “Smoldering Planet”, and as some of you might know, Smoldering Planet is my game-making studio. Obviously it’s not like a real company with oriented people doing stuff for me, but once in a while I might ask a friend to join me on a project, and we publish the work under the studio, and list our names in the credits. Anyways, Smoldering Planet has been going now for about 4 to 5 years, or maby even longer. Yes Smoldering Planet is VERY old, but it’s changed it’s name very many times for a number of reasons. Mostly because I just later thought the name is incredibly stupid. Smoldering Planet was first called “Lol Gamer Studios” (yes I’m serious), it was like that for about a year or so, then it changed to “Forming Time Studios” (yes, I’m not kidding). It stayed like that for about 2 years or so, when I changed to “OverCore”, I really never used the name, like it was there, but I never made a big thing about it. I don’t think I ever even made a website for it. Anyways, after that I finally changed to Smoldering Planet, I’m not very sure how long I’ve been with the name, but I think it’s been aroud a year. After all this time I’ve finally come up with a name I really like; Saltosion Entertainment or shortly just Saltosion. Yes I’m changing the name again, not very sure when, but probably as soon as I get Saltosion’s new page up and running, I allready have a logo for it too.

Looking on this blog, I really like this blog and I’m probably going to post here again in a week or two, so be prepared. I’m also hoping I’d see more visitors in this blog, not that I really like being famous or anything, but instead I’d like to share my stories with the whole world and I want everyone to know them, and maeby even help me on some situations. If you’d be so kind, tell your friends about me.