I'm a pretty boring person, but in a desperate attempt to make you interested in me, I'm going to to tell you a few things I am;

  • Game dev
  • Artist
  • Philosopher
  • A Witch of Culture
  • Just, an actual witch

But all things considered, because I'm also a trans woman and have quite a few mental health issues such as major depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder, many people would not consider me a normal person.

If you have any interest on what I do, you can check out my games, my blog (where I post stuff way too seldom) and you can also just come and ask directly via mastodon or twitter, if mastodon isn't your cup of tea.

Now here are some contact details and some additional links just to make sure you didn't miss any;

And if you have a really desperate urge to contact me, you may try to email me at teascade@gmail.com