My absence

ok.. so, I’ve been faily absent from the blog for a while now, even tho it’s just begun, but I have my reasons for it.

For the first, I want to make clear that this isn’t the kinds of blogs that update like 4 times a day, I update when I get content to update. For the last days I’ve gotten a little content now, but I’ve somehow been so tired (because of school) and absent-minded that I’ve kinda forgot. So, I left to see my dad (I go see him usually every second weekend) and while there, I’m not able to access computer, so that’s why I kind of forgot about this blog. And that’s also why I haven’t had any content lately really, After going there I’ve been just lazy and playing with my friends (you can see my progress on it on and that’s not the kind of stuff I upload on this blog about.

So what I’ve been doing the few days now, I’ve started learning to use jMonkeyEngine, a 3D engine for Java, I don’t make any promies nor any speculations on upcoming games on it, but I hope to see it on more use on my projects later. Also I have this “old” text-based RPG -project called “Red West”, it’s at VERY early stage, not even really playable yet, so I’m not sending a link, yet, but before I get to making that I’m going to continue with my RPG-toolkit on python, I haven’t uploaded that on git yet, but I will soon after I get it some decent features more.

On the jMonkeyEngine, I’m hoping to make a Tower Defence game as a training game, I might release it, but that’s a huge maybe, and I don’t think it’s going to include very good art nor much content so don’t get your hopes up. also I’m hoping to make an VERY old project I’ve been speculating for like 3 years now, I’ve never really began making it, ubt I hope I get to make it with jMonkeyEngine. The game is very Arcade-like and humoristic, it’s also a kind of zombie survival, you’ll see when I start making on it. Also other game I hope to make on jMonkeyEngine is an RPG game, which I’ve been speculating too for quite a while, it’s going to have pretty much everything procedurally generated, from world to creatures, from weapons to cities. I’m hoping to see much activity on that too a little later as I learn to use jMonkeyEngine a little more.