‘Much’ going on

Okay so.. I haven’t posted anything here for a while and kind of forgotten (damn), so I remembered now and decided it’s time to post another of these fabulous posts. There’s ‘much’ been going on lately and I’ve had a quite projects, for example, Dnyarri, a friend of mine, is creating a BLC -like MOBA game called Arkhados, he has a blog of his own and you can see Arkhados’ process and progress from there.

So as I said Arkhados is a BLC (Bloodline Champions) -like MOBA game, for others, who are not familiar with BLC, it’s a MOBA game where in beginning of the match players select their bloodlines to play with. When the match starts there is a ‘smallish’ map where two teams fight eachother (1v1 to 5v5) and when the other team manages to kill other players of the opposite team, they win. You require x amount of wins to win the match, it is determined in rules and options.

Arkhados is much like that but at the moment there is only 3 rounds and basically ‘nobody wins’, also there is no teams (yet) and there will be multiple gamemodes, the only one and the current is deathmatch but for an example. there will be team deathmatch etc. later on in the game. Why I’m telling this is because I (at least) see myself as one of the biggest factors in the game, like I’m creating the heroes/champions (whatever they are really) and when we get to the certain point I’ll be making most of the maps too. Of course Dnyarri has power over the heroes since he’s making the game.

I’ve also coded and put up a website for the designs and there you can find all of the currently designed characters, characters that are ready for the game, characters that need polish and characters that has been declined by either me later on or Dnyarri, most likely I will not be adding any concepts of heroes there but I will be creating another page for them later. The attributions of the page are not yet added and I’m awfully sorry about it, I’ll be adding it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, guranteed.

Also I have ‘cancelled’ the Red West project and continued with my old projects whitch can help the next textbased RPG I’m going to make, I’ll be providing links to their git repositerys too, so I’m making a textbased game-engine whitch includes everything a textbased game could need to get started. I haven’t uploaded it to git yet but I’m also making an rpg-toolkit, it’s compactible with textbased RPG:s, 2D and 3D RPG:s, and everything else in between. It’s supposed to handle much of the basic RPG elements, such as basic vendors, normal character, weapons, inventory, equipment, buffs and spells etc. The RPG-toolkit doesn’t really have a name of it’s own, at least yet, it just is, mostly to be an ‘community’ project. Also please note that the rpg-toolkit is in a very early stage and not ready for heavy criticism, so please if you look at it, look at it in a light perspective and be free to contribute with patches and suggestions.

For the Tower Defence I was supposed to make with JMonkeyEngine is looking pretty bad, I haven’t worked on it for quite a while (QUITE) and I’m feeling I should probably start the project all over again if I wanted it to happen. There are too much flaws in it.

But mosly I’ve been slacking off and not getting any work done, althrough I’ve had pretty rough days lately, it doesn’t still explain why I haven’t done anything but played Xonotic. Xonotic is pretty awesome btw, I recommen you checking it out, it’s a FOSS game created on DarkPlaces -engine, whitch is based on Quake Engine.Anyways I hope I’ll get more active now and remember to post more on this blog.