The matrix is (uncertainly) real!

So I was thinking the other day about humanity and our society. I then started thinking about the future of humanity, what kind of life would be “good life” for people in the future, and what kind of society could provide good life for everyone?

Well defining good life obviously differs for subject to subject, so general good life doesn’t exactly exist. This only means that people must be offered differing things depending on their desires, to give good life to them. A good place to start is obviously communism. In a perfect marxist communist society everyone gets equally what they need, and there is no money whatsoever. This though leads to a society where you would need to define a global good life, that people should live on, which wouldn’t work as intended as earlier noted, there can be no global good life. And because in communism there is no money, stuff is shared equally, people get stuff they don’t want and not enough stuff they want, so it’s not really optimal.

Now another path we could go, what if everyone has the equal amount of money, this would mean that anyone could just buy what they want, and everyone has the equal opportunity to have anything. This is a good model of a society working technically, but the greater questions come in hand, who would collect and more importantly distribute the money? Who would keep track of the money? Would money actually be necessary even in a society like this? If everyone just gets money, why would anyone do any work to get money or produce the goods to sell? So this model doesn’t quite fit for what we’re looking for either.

So let’s get really sci-fi, and imagine there can be a society where there are thousands of robots per every person, and they basically do everything for us, treat us, feed us and entertain us. This would be really handy, and probably a great model, but who would create the first robots? Secondly what could prevent the robots from becoming overlords, and enslaving humanity? And even thirdly could we have more efficient choices that provide good life for people with this kind of technology?

Then I started thinking, to provide to a single person anything he could desire, we should invent a true virtual reality, in which people can do and create whatever they desire, after the technology is sufficient enough, they wouldn’t be too expensive to create, and everyone could have their own “private reality” they live in. But hold on, we’re getting into some real matrix shit over here. Maybe the virtual reality would just be a counterpart of our reality, in where someone could just decide anything s/he wants, and it would happen (et cetera). So would that mean that everyone who lives there (exists there in general) are in the matrix? Yes. How can we tell we aren’t already in virtual reality like this? We most likely can’t. So when we invent these virtual reality machines, we end the circle, and nobody again knows, that they live in a virtual reality. This loop repeats infinitely, until someone were to realize they live in the virtual reality, and manage to actually escape it.

The only problem is, how can you really tell if you’re on the top level matrix or not?

This has been a jolly philosophical rant session. Thank you for reading.