January update

so, I kinda forgot about the thing where I was supposed to post a post every week, but once every month is good too.. right …? Yeah I admit I screwed up, but I’ll make it up to you, I started to learn jMonkeyEngine in the side of doing Solid Kingdom (still thinking another name for it), wishing I could once make a 3D game (lol).

I have this one idea I’m going to make with jME, but I’ll keep it a secret, I’ll tell you guys if it catches on, but it’s supposed to be release ready about 1.4.14 (see already why?), but it can strech up to August, since that’s when the Summer Assembly starts. I’ll be sending the game to the game dev comp this year, hoping for some attention and just for fun.

Later lookback on the post;

This post is one of the draft posts I started to make in this time, but somehow got lost, I finally found one. This wa ssupposed to be posted 12.1.2014, but anyways this project I’m talking about here has been like priority #2 for quite a long time now, I haven’t forgotten it but I rather work on Solid Kingdom than this.