My first meaningful post

Today was a fairly productive day as I began working on this ‘kinda small’ but fun-to-do project for a minecraft mod. The minecraft mod is called ComputerCraft and it’s just so amazing, it lets you to bring the power of lua to Minecraft and interact with the world at the same time. Anyways, I didn’t make anything too practical but I did make an program that ‘simulates an operating system’, it’s not even near ready yet but I’m going to post a video about it later today.

So it’s called the Wandoze, and it’s supposed to be a ‘text-based’ version of Windows, kinda as a joke, but it already can handle quite a lot for a PC of Minecraft. it does have profiles like Windows professional, so you have to type your username and then password to get in etc. but it also supports a VERY high permission ranks, infinite literally, I made the system so that you can add even 100s of permission ranks from never-on-computer-visitor-dude to the ruler of all time. it also has many commands to help edit the profiles from the hand of admin without having to seek for the real files. ALSO it does not only support these little technical things, it already supports games and apps, whitch it can run pretty smooth, if the game/app is well made, but it doesn’t have any API or any sort of that stuff to help making them. but just make your game / app anything you want and drag it to on of the folders so the computer can run them.

About the Modpack I was working earlier today and yesterday, it’s now changed it’s name to a better ‘more offical’ name, Xetrox Modpack, I made quite a lot of information for it and a download link too, but an update is coming SOON, so you better look up to it. I also created a Wiki -page for the Modpack too, just so if people actually get interested in it, they can share their knowledge about the modpack in it, seriosuly even I don’t know much about some of the mods in it, as ironic as it sounds. Well what am I talking here here’s the link, Xetrox pack Wiki I too made a couple of pages for it already, I’m of course going to make more later but for starters a couple.

For now I think I’m going to take my focus more on the Wandoze -program, later I’m going to make Wandoze 2.0, whitch is practically the same but more bugfixes, a little more features and a internet support so all the usernames can be stored in one computer and remotely gotten to. After that Possibly a third Wandoze which is going to have more ‘graphical’ features, but we’ll have to see.. wait and see..

but FOR NOW really I’m really damn tired since I didn’t get any rest last night so I’m hitting the hay earlier than normal..