It’s been a long time, isn’t it?

So it’s been a pretty damn long time since my last post (about 3 months .. I think ? ), so I decided to post one now.

Yeah I admit I’ve kind of partially forgotten this blog meantime, I promised myself I will try to get something to remind me every week or so from now on to post a blog post so everything gets to be in my blog and nothing gets forgotten.

So, let’s rewind a little and think what has happened meanwhile, shall we? So Arkhados is still in the makes (see Dnyarri’s blog for more information on Arkhados), and I’m still making heroes for it (see my page for the hero designs), but the rate at whitch I’m putting new heroes on the battlefield is slowing (because making of a hero takes quite a long time and I wait until some heroes are finished before designing new ones), meanwhile I can gather some inspiration on some new ones.

So for Red West, I’m discontinuing the actual project and I’ve begun a while ago another text-based RPG game, this game is called the Solid Kingdom. So Solid Kingdom is going to be very much bigger than Red West was going to be, for first Solid Kingdom will be semi-graphical, so there is map drawn and you can adventure in it etc, very much like in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (the game that inspired me to start making this one). Solid Kingdom will also have Hotkey -system in it so you don’t be have to be writing everything you do. Solid Kingdom will also have multicolored terminal-output so text can be other than white and background can be other than black. Solid Kingdom will also have a very high amout of races and classes to be able to play with and is aiming at VERY high moddability. Here is a short list of races that will be implemented in Solid Kingdom;

  • Human, a humanoid race that almost every other humanoid race is based on
  • Dwarves, human-like smaller race witch is usually very intelligent
  • Dimril, dwarf race with the tusks and regeneration of a Troll
  • Imperial Elf, an elf race with a lot better protection in their nature, their skin shine a bit.
  • Elf, a seperated race of Glarik
  • Glarik, the original Elf race, only race to be able to smith White Steel
  • Angerin., practically Angels, very much like Human but they have wings

Please note this is a very small list of the races to be implemented. So Solid Kindom is going to be a Multiplayer (or Singleplayer) Open World turn-based RPG (kind of a hack n’ slash). Solid Kingdom is licenced with GPLv3. You can find Solid Kingdom’s Github here. Solid Kingdom is completely programmed in Java and for it’s multicolor output, and hotkey-system and partially for GUI an map drawing it uses Lanterna (a Java “terminal” library that allows all these things to be done).

Another project I’ve been working on with another friend of mine (commonly known as Firefortcut), is an Open Source handheld console that works on Raspberry Pi type-B circuit. The toughest part of it is actually (surprisingly) the shell of the console. after the future of the console is looking better I’m going to start working on a user interface for the console, and after that another game for the console (called Shadows of Karatsu, I already started working on it but not very focused on it, I will talk about it later). If the console gets enough fame and some name we can probably start making bit more of them and a good estimated price for the actual console is about 100-150€ (135-200 US$), the price gathers from the actual Pi, screen, buttons and the shell material and some tip for us. The Licence of the user interface is still in concideration weather it’s going to be completely free or what? The compressed version of the user interface most likely will be free.

As for Shadows of Karatsu, it’s going to be a pretty generig jRPG game that is going to be very LPC (Liberated Pixel Cup) styled (see in graphic and is going to be programmed in java, it uses LibGDX for it’s 2D game engine. It’s at very early stage and isn’t even working correctly atm. so you can expect a very long time before seeing something from it (and not even pushed to github yet, sorry). There’s nothing else really to say about it else than it’s going to be published with GPLv3 licence too.